Friday, March 31, 2006

Nintendo tells us not to listen to IGN

Nintendo has seen what IGN had to say about the Revolution’s technical specs, and felt the need to comment on them.

Going off of a translated article that first started in Dutch, Nintendo has said that there have not been any official statements from their staff concerning the power of the Revolution. Furthermore, Nintendo also states that anything you see out there right now is “still speculation”, and that the final details (or at least much of them) can be expected to show up at E3.


Looks like what IGN posted about the specs of the Revolution has bothered Nintendo. We really don't know what to expect when we see the system at E3 and Nintendo knows that seeing "incomplete" numbers like that is not good for their company in hyping the Revolution.

We all should sit back and wait for E3 before jumping off a cliff worrying about the so called "lack of power" the Revolution will have.

Has Nintendo ever let you down graphically with any of their systems in the past? The answer is no.


Anonymous said...

I think IGN should ask, no, DEMAND Matt for his resignation, because he's an irresponsible journalist. I don't think Matt did any wrong by reporting the specs, but his Revo-Xbox comparison is extremely appalling since the Revo has different architecture than the Xbox.

I'm no tech wiz, but the ones that are have convinced me that the Revo's architecture works differently than the Xbox, and is much more powerful than it is once speculated. After reading through some of the tech wiz's spin on the Revo's power, it's obvious to me that Matt doesn't know crap even though he's a self-proclaimed graphics whore.

I don't think Matt is biased. I know he's looking forward to the Rev as much as most of us, but he has a terrible habit of jumping the gun in his articles. He makes quick assumptions and (often) makes ridiculous generalizations based on what he has heard. You don't see anybody from the IGN PS3 column doing stuff like that when it was rumored that the PS3 is going to cost over $600 or the IGN 360 crew spelling Microsoft's doom when the company rushed the system too soon.

Metaldave said...

LOL you are very right my friend. You make a good point about Matt too. You would NEVER hear the IGN PS3 and 360 camp saying things like Sony is doomed for certain things before they even see what Sony is working on. IGN shouldn't even have to demand for Matt's resignation, they should just fire him for bad journalism.

He also shows NO signs of joy or being pumped up for the Revolution when he is in videos as well. At least have a smile buddy!

Lets forget about Matt and just focus on the Revolution. Thats what Nintendo would like us to do anyway.

Specs....I think most of us who have some kind of brain know better than to jump to conclusions about these specs.

Anonymous said...

I agree. People who have enough knowledge about specs should be the ones analyzing the Revolution, not someone who thinks he does just because he knows how to install a video card into his computer.

I think it's interesting to see how the hardware works inside a console, but I don't think it's a good idea for console makers to gloat about how they have the most powerful machine because alot of gamers have absolutely no idea how console hardware actually works and spew bunch of misinformed crap.

People can buy whatever they want, whether they want a Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, or the Revolution (god knows I want them all). But gamers shouldn't judge systems on processing power alone.

Anonymous said...

The Revolution will be will be better that will be Amazing.