Saturday, June 18, 2016

Nintendo NX Definitely Not "Underpowered"

Nintendo wants to have a console that has the best content for gamers, including more games for everyone to play. What do gamers want? They want to have the latest in graphics tech, the latest features and have all the games that are coming out. If a console doesn’t provide that, then gamers won’t buy that system, pure and simple. This is what happened with the Wii U, so if Nintendo makes the NX weaker than PS4 and only on par with Xbox One or worse, they will be again a full generation behind and even though they may get some ports, gamers who buy consoles would never buy a system like that since they already have the current consoles that do the same but better. The NX will be competitive for more than just the current generation of consoles like PS4. This is what Nintendo knows they have to do.

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Unknown said...

I totally believe that the NX will not be underpowered. When I have seen the trailers for Breath of the Wild and Project Sonic 2017 and the graphics looked amazing. That's how I believe the NX is not underpowered by not using a rumor.