Thursday, June 16, 2016

Nintendo NX - You've Been Sandbagged

Reggie’s comments about Nintendo as a company has led many to simply jump to incorrect conclusions about the NX hardware. The best way to surprise people is to hit them with some they are not expecting. Nintendo seems to be doing a good job of this with the NX, hear my thoughts and let me know what you think.

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Gregory Weagle said...

Everything Reggie has said has been the same thing Nintendo has said over and over again since Iwata took over; and they have been at their best when they actually deliver! I'm not surprised at all that they are doing this now because it always works! Wii U is a clunky, bloated Nintendo 3DS with better graphics. That's why it sold so poorly.

I suspect Nintendo will reveal the NX in December; because that would be three months before the release and a Christmas reveal would shock everyone. Unless of course they delay it until Holiday 2017. They might reveal the controller in October; or even at the shareholders meeting in a week or so.