Friday, November 06, 2015

Nintendo NX GPU will use Vulkan API (equal to DX12)

Nintendo joins Khronos in September, will help development of Vulkan's API for release at the end of 2015. The NX will most definitely use this to have amazing GPU/CPU performance by getting the most out of each chip.

Not sure if you guys realized this but this means the NX will be able to run basically any modern High End Graphics Engine that is currently available with great results.

I also read that Sony could adopt a form of Vulkan to work with the PS4, but Open GL probably is best suited for it. The NX is forward thinking for Nintendo thanks to them partnering with Khronos. The console will be able to run any engine a developer can throw at it and is not so limited as DX12 is since it's exclusive to Windows 10.


Unknown said...

i hope not equal to dx12 as dx 12 isnt even close to console custom API a console is far far far closer to the metal than dx 12 dx 12 is for trying to get close on open pc its also for trying to get better draw calls on the cpu WITCH CONSOLES DO BETTER AND ALWAYS HAVE its also for faster texture fetch again witch consoles do instantly and automatically...

a pc has to jump thru hoops to texture fetch and x86 by default is a poor draw call cpu as is DX api dx 12 and mantel were developed to try and fix this

this is why saying dx 12 is coming to xbox one is retarded as xbox one api is already tighter to the chip set than dx 12 as its a console not a open pc format

pc cpu gpu comunication is far slower than the linked north south bridge of a closed console and console api is much tighter to the metal wiius GX2 is much much closer to the metal than dx12

now a api based on vulkon but customized for console -nintendo would be great,i cannot see nintendo wasting a single ckock or core they want there moneys worth,whats the point in 600gflops if you can only get 300 in game,whats the point of 8 cores if only 4 cores worth is accesable in game

whats the point of 20 texture layers if only 10 are used in game i hope the api is darn tight and efficent...

Unknown said...

to be first on the band wagon for a great api,would be cool and nintendo simply will not use anything windows i can see nintendo being very very very stubben with this

they will want every drop of blood out of a chip that they paid for..