Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Zombi U Wii U vs. Zombi PS4 - Graphics comparision

While the PS4 runs this game at 1080p with some slightly clearer textures vs the Wii U running it at 720p; a big art direction effect was removed from the PS4 version that really made the Wii U version stick out. That being the dirty camera lens flare, I haven't seen a game since the Wii U version of ZombiU to use that to such great effect successfully.


Anonymous said...

it only shows fanboying 1080 over 720 as pointless, and this game doesnt push wii u in the slightest ps4 either

the missing lens effect looks weird and the ps4 version brighness looks out of place,casualized no gamepad again a downgrade

just wondering was the lens flair,dirty effect remivd on purpose or was it a EDRAM post process effect they couldnt bother to re-do on ps4 in shaders...

the res difference doesnt do much at all and shows wiiu can run any ps4 game with only slightly different results

ubisoft can port from powerpc to x86 but not visa versa BS UBISOFT

Anonymous said...

file size wiiu 5 plus GB

PS4 20plus GB

really LOL