Friday, August 21, 2015

Zombi PS4 Graphical Downgrade vs Wii U version

Playstation 4 graphical downgrade confirmed.

PS4 missing graphical effects:

-Dirty lens flare is completely removed
-Lighting effects are dulled on walls, more monotone overall
-Some missing Shader textures on Zombies
-Missing Particle effects, debris, birds in the backgrounds and missing in entire sections of the game.

Besides the graphics being downgraded, the game is also completely missing any multiplayer mode, local or online. This game is looking more and more like just a cheap cash-in by Ubisoft. 


Unknown said...

I love this article, as it not only expresses the true changes to the port, but it doesn't lie to make the Wii u sound way underpowered like most sites! Thank you for this post as Always and remember NINTENDO FOREVER!!!!

Anonymous said...

lol, shoddy ports no wiiu support,and lies wiiu cannot do it UBISOFT the new EA
i bet the lens effects are done with edram on wiiu in post processing

Anonymous said...

the nintendo console can only do cartoon graphics myth,is still compleatly retarded

show me one ubisoft or ea game wiiu cannot run,the funny thing is people believe this nonsense

they can make cross gen games like cod-evilwithin etc but not make wiiu games,if x360 was 0 and ps4 was 10 id put wiiu at 6 or 7 there is no excuse