Monday, August 24, 2015

Nintendo NX: No Disc Drive/Cartridge Based?

Nintendo Patent reveals plans for a possible new cartridge/card based console. This could very well be for the Nintendo NX. How cool would that be?

Keep in mind that a lot of this is still speculation and could change since Nintendo has not confirmed that this is related to the NX, even though it makes sense.


Anonymous said...

id love cards plus digital with cards working across platforms,and scalable games resolutions

Anonymous said...

dont forget non read write flash is much cheaper than sdcards

nintendo could do minimum 1gb to max 24gb for starters and not worry about price this kind of flash is cheaper than the read write found in SD cards flash drives

there doing max 4gb in 3DS and havr been for years now if we went 10 x that its 40gb, nintendo doesnt need more than a 1gb to a 24gb card that is more than enough and bigger cards in the future

add digital downloading dlc patching it makes perfect sense, its also by far the fastest loading media,id prefer a ssdrive inside a nx harddrives are slow noisy and hot

the patent says HD but solid states are called harddrives also HARDDRIVE MEANS hard stored media-code so id say they may go solid state and continue the tradition

n64 was solid state flash mem cards

gamecube was sd card ready

wii was solid state and sd

as is wiiu