Thursday, March 19, 2015

Nintendo NX & Mobile - More Video Discussions

Nintendo has taken the video game industry by storm these last few days with all the news on making games for Mobile and announcing a the code named Nintendo NX to be revealed next year. Not only that but Nintendo's stock has gone up by over 30% in the last two days after the announcements with anticipation of the company making a lot of money from these new avenues in the near future.


Anonymous said...

that guy in the lower video has great points,but his also ignorent

wii was amazing it was the industry treatment of it that was horrible

he is implying it was only for non gamers his being no different to people who think controllers shouldnt evolve aand experience

yes wii was used in casual waggle BUT SO IS EVERY CONTROLLER IN EXISTENCE

QTE AND SCENE PROMPTING IN THE ORDER IS CASUAL WAGGLE,clicking a bubble in a facebook game with a pc mouse or touch screen is CASUAL WAGGLE

he is not looking at what wii was BEST FPS CONTROLLER EVER CREATED



metroid prime 3 had class leading amazing controls so did PES wii and re4

mario galaxy was game of the gen BY FAR

wii reinvented the idea of MULTIPUL CONTROLLERS and add ons like the nes did originally

this guy is missing one very important fact NX will be very much like wii and wiiu etc etc

like wiiu it will be ALL INCLUSIVE

wii crap wiiu not crap DOESNT MAKE SENCE wiiU is a wii its a

wii-gamecube-DS all in one THATS WHAT MAKES IT SO FANTASTIC

you have wii remote and nunchuck pikmin 3 owns because of that controller

you have mk8 with use any controller choice smash bro also

the industry and FAKE cores are to blame not wiiu

we live in a world were people are buying a console with a LIGHTBULB ON ITS CONTROLLER

A LIGHTBULB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

not a system with dual screen touch screen 3d remotes a huge list of twin stick pads free online and more AAA AA GAMES than any competing system

it also is profitable!!!!!!!

wii crap wiiu great doesnt make sense, wiiu is great because of wii and DS

Anonymous said...

NX could be a hybrid

how a hybrid we dont know,but wiiu intergrated into a handheld with high performance would work a super DS that super DS could then in TV MODE be a far more powerful system via clock-core-ram scaling

whilst in tv mode it would be using more power and not using a battary

in handheld mode obviously a mobile system

now if two screens are to continue and wii remotes how does nintendo do this!!!!

i think two screens will be dropped in hardware and then the second screen and the home use of second screen will be smart devices AND THE CONSOLE ITS SELF


you can come home with NX with you then connect to tv automatically as you do with gamepad and interact with the OS as you do with wiiu

then DOCK to play games at full power exchanging NX for a controller pro pad or wii remote

i carnt see two screened console plus a controller with a screen

but i can see the exact same abillity being done on smart devices like phones

phone arrive home tap NX app interact with NX via phone then when playing full power games pick up the controller

pad or wii remote etc

this is what NX is to me

Gregory Weagle said...

Nintendo Next is going to be a hybrid; there isn't going to be a two separate system deal simply because Nintendo lost a lot of money with 3DS and Wii U early on and it has taken a very weak Yen for the company to recover enough to get back to making money again. Having one system combined would actually help in keeping costs to one system.

@A#1: Yeah; except Nintendo's treatment of the Wii was horrible at the end of it's lifespan and it hurt Wii U as a whole. And New Super Mario Brother Wii was the game of the gen; not Mario Galaxy, even if that game did better than Super Mario 64 did.

Everything else is speculation and I don't really care about their mobile deal. "Smart"phones are the new PC and they did more damage to clunky PC's than they did with 3DS and to a lesser extent PSVita.

Anonymous said...


Wiiu is profitable 3DS is profitable

nintendo has never built a unprofitable system in its history

nintendo has made 3 x more profit in the christmas 1/4 than the year before

wiu sells at profit as do all 3ds versions

if not a hybrid it will be two systems

a wiiu like handheld and a wiiu TURBO like base station making the handheld the controller

with all games compatable running on the same OS
NX base unit coud be like wii 2.5 to 3 x as powerful

handheld could be wiiu power in terms of graphics on small screen

all wii remote-gamepad-pro pad support will remain base unit ships with sencer bar etc

go ARM cpu across the range use evolved wiiu gpu and edram and ddr3

handheld mini wiiu chip set with 16 mb edram

base unit over clocked wiiu with upgrades and 32 to 48mb edram

going 64 bit arm you can have 8gb to 12 gb ram in base unit

2 to 4 gb ram in handheld

have 4 handhelds support as controllers on NX base unit

or its a hybrid with scaling specs

you could have a NX base unit and a nx handheld for 300 dollars

nintendo made in clear profit christmas 1/4 more money than playstation devision all last year WITCH WAS WIPPED OUT WITH BILLIONS IN LOSS

sony still havnt reported there christmas 1/4 earnings because they made billion plus loss and at least another 200 million on top with the HACKING

they still are hiding there huge losses

Gregory Weagle said...

@A#3: Okay; you are right about the 3DS hardware being profitable; my brain farted on that. I need a citation on the Wii U hardware making a profit because I was never told that. Then again; I haven't been watching the industry closely over the last two years. Yeah; the DeNA deal is a huge deal.

Nintendo's situation is indeed better in 2015 than it was in 2011 when they lost $830 million or so; but it is nowhere near the profits during the time Wii and DS were released and the Yen is much, much weaker now compared to then, which is one of the major factors Nintendo is in the black now.

By the way; I haven't seen Sony's finances in recent years; that's the only reason you are saying that. I cannot make heads nor tails on the rest of your comments. Are you for a hybrid or not? It's hard to tell.