Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Nintendo Mobile & NX Discussions

Andre from GameXplain and Austin from Nintendo Everything weigh in on all the news that Nintendo atom bombed on the world yesterday. It's amazing how much momentum and renewed interest this has caused on the Internet for Nintendo in just 1 day.


Anonymous said...

nintendo has upset so many with this

THE INDUSTRY BECAUSE ITS DISRUPTIVE the fans because they dont get it

its a fantastic move they can make the best mobile games and keep releasing untilbthey get big hitters like candy crush or flappy birds

this allows nintendo to tap into the ULTRA CASUAL market and spead the miiverse and nintendo online service to every device

it allows huge global marketing on smart devices of brand,consoles,controllers,games

it brings huge attention to core nintendo consoles

then nintendo can work on there true gaming systems at the core of the plan

NX could be anything from a super cheap gaming tv plug in to a tablet or a fully blown home system or hybrid

and likely isnt QOL directly related...

a hybrid system done right would be amazing but needs to be non expensive

or nx could be one of two new systems being a 3DS replacment then a console replacment

nintendo can hit big in profits here,they can advertize cheaply-they can refresh interest in gaming systems they can merg casual and core players into one huge net work

they can even have multi plat games that play online together

so imagine say tablet casual devils third played online with wiiu fully blown devils third

this is highly profitable and great marketing

Gregory Weagle said...

Of course they upset everyone. Nintendo always does this because they know what the press is really saying and they have an idea of what a "dog whistle" is. Nowadays; "put games on smartphones" has always been a dog whistle for "Go third party". The difference between then and now is has always been "Don't let anyone know what the dog whistle is". No one is fooled.