Monday, January 05, 2015

Wii U + PC = Gaming Heaven?

Thanks to this Bluetooth Adapter for the Wii U Pro Controller, I can enjoy wireless PC gaming from my living room sofa when plugging in my PC via HDMI to my TV. When switching sources, I can then easily play my Wii U if I want without even moving from my spot. This is gaming heaven if you ask me.

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Anonymous said...

its true but the down side is pc just gets the same as the apu twins

and pc lacks cutting edge controllers like wii remote plus so theres a lot of downsides also

iv got a gaming rig coming but i would love to be able to wii remote games like fps etc

poor controls and janky cameras are awful and as a nintendo gamer i have high standards

give me 60fps 1080p maxed out bf 4 with wii remote i would be so happy BUT IT DONT EXIST so the downside is depressing

why the pc area hasnt evolved with a gaming pointer mouse and chuck copy i do not know

the userbase is ignorent