Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Miyamoto reveals more about key Wii U games

- Miyamoto has a lot of ideas what he wants to do with Pikmin, but nothing is decided yet
- Nintendo will continue to make Pikmin games
- Nintendo likes to focus on less-traditional racing games
- F-Zero may return if they come up with a controller interface that makes sense for it
- Miyamoto would like to be Yoshi if he could be one of his own creations
- Miyamoto finds that drawing is the easiest way to convey ideas to people
- he still makes quick sketches to show the team his ideas
- when drawing Mario, Miyamoto starts with eyes, then eyebrows, nose and mustache
- Miyamoto says the Splatoon devs are putting way more work into the title than he thought
- every idea the team has for Zelda Wii U, they can implement right away
- version of StarFox Wii U ready to play at E3 2015
- StarFox benefits greatly from having two screens
- Miyamoto likes the look of the main character in Assassin's Creed
- Miyamoto teases more games for Wii U in 2015, but can't talk about them

Via: GoNintendo

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