Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Zelda Wii U - Gameplay Discussion

The guys at GameXplain discuss all the first time impressions of the Zelda Wii U gameplay demo. Be sure to watch and listen, the in-depth analysis is also coming from them very very soon.

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Anonymous said...

id say the wii remote option still remains with the sward is in the right hand the bow operated right handed

a evolved better twilight princess system could be at work here

bow aiming and pointing other functions IS BEST ON WII REMOTES

so i think theres multipul options here


or PRO PAD with gamepad in cradle

or wii remote and chuck with gamepad in cradle THE CONTROLS I WANT

i dont want skyward sword motion i want tight motion and real time pointer mouse

so controlling this game is twilight princess meets COD wii/wiiu

if it delivers that IL BE THE HAPPIEST MAN ALIVE