Monday, December 08, 2014

The Legend of Zelda Wii U Gameplay Demo

This is an enhanced version of the gameplay demo that was shown off at the Video Game Awards show, zooming in on the off-screen gameplay. While it's obvious that Nintendo has turned off some parts of the game and only showed the open world part of the map, you can bet there will be plenty of towns, NPC characters and of course dungeons to explore. From what they showed, it looks grand and fantastic, with some the best grass rendering I have ever seen in a video game yet.


Anonymous said...

never mind the grass,eponas main and tail are so above anything else ever done in game, its shocking that hair is unmatched in any other game anyplace anytime

the tail and main physics,animation,graphics were insane...

the grass was amazing and the lighting

Anonymous said...

please go into detail. please tell me what you are seeing from the hair of the horse that you have not seen in any other game... IN DETAIL PLEASE?

Anonymous said...

the hair and main are animated IN GAME not IN CUT SCENE better than anything iv ever seen

to do that in game is amazing the FLOW the BOUNCE the PHYSICS its utterly gorgous

the main flops around accordingbto eponas speed,bounce,direction AS A REAL HORSE MAIN would do

the grass is also amazing theres so much of it rendered and moving IN GAME in real time

example uncharted 4 ps4 had LOL a cpl of bushes swaying,thats no better than cod or assasins creed

zelda wiiu has MILES AND MILES of grass MILLIONS OF THEM reacting in IN REAL TIME IN GAME

this also shows wiius cpu has amazing draw call performance to the gpu and real MULTI THREAD RENDERING

Anonymous said...

well we wait to see more