Friday, August 08, 2014

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Wii U - Gets Nuketown 2025 Map

So even though some people say the Wii U version is getting the map because they are having a first ever Double XP/Double Weapon XP weekend for both Ghosts and Black Ops 2, I willing to go out on a limb and say that Treyarch is throwing the Wii U community a bone and hinting at more Call of Duty announcements in the near future. My guess is after the big Call of Duty event coming up, Treyarch will finally announce Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare on the Wii U for release in November.


Anonymous said...

tried it hadnt put that disc in for almost 2 years, the lag and broken wii remote ruins that game... aiming feels like walking thru jelly,and the lag is even worse than ghostz like actual seconds of lag....

10 minutes in iv took the disc out waste of time, how people are playing this is beyond me its the most laggy pile of shit along side ghostz iv ever touched

at least ghostz currected the wii remote settings but alas the terrible lag is still there making games imposable to play

no one plays free for all etherwitch to me is totally stupid as no one actually acts as a team in death match they just get in each others way and run huddeled together in a group


Anonymous said...

future warfare will be a titanfall crysis 3 copy silly jumping

it will lag like hell ,wiiu version will likely be sub hd ported from 360 with broken tacked on wii remote etc they have screwed us twice already they will do it a third time

no budget will be spent on it just tack on gamepad and wii remote and burn it to a disc

drop lag compensation,,balance twin sticks and wii remote,reduce bot aim,increase native res and AA

presto a game thats playable ,but thy wont do it

Metaldave said...

I never had much lag problems with Black Ops 2, Ghost yes but not BLOPS2. Anyway, the Wii Remote controls just take the right settings for you to get used to it. I suggest putting Cursor Sensitivity all the way to the highest or just under the highest setting, move turning speed to half and dead zone to zero. The controls with the Wii Remote in that way feel perfect to me.