Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Nintendo Spicing Up E3 2014

So even though Nintendo will not have a traditional E3 Press Conference as Sony and Microsoft will have, this might be even better. An E3 Super Smash Bros Tournament for (most likely) the best Smash players from around the world? Best Buy having demo kiosks for Super Smash Bros Wii U? I think most will be plenty satisfied with this, not to mention all the other games that will be announced during the "Digital Event" and live streams that will be happening each day during E3. This might also be Nintendo's way of trying to make things right and present this E3 in a way they should have last year.


Anonymous said...

we all know whats coming total destruction of the competition at E3... digital event,whilst sony and ms bore the hell out of everyone with cod reveals and engines LOL

Anonymous said...

nintendo trying to make thigs right LOL ...there doingeverything right

boring people to death on a stage is nonsense, a in depth digital event multipul directs aimed at GAMES a huge smash players event a huge show floor presence wth actual games to PLAY a best buy usa campaign
all at the same time

this is nintendo getting everythig rifht whilst ms and sony get everything wrong

ts about the games not men in suits on a stage showingendless brodude TRASH