Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Mario Kart 8 Direct 4/30/14

Wake up to a surprise! Nice way to start your day. Enjoy all the information.

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Anonymous said...

the attention to detail the depth of this game is insane.....

graphics are amazing the slow-mo shows just how greatthis game looks,the depth to the racing makes those boring simulation games like gran touismo look stupid

tight steering and drifting, slip sreaming,hit boosts hit slow dows depending on gravity or anti gravity the kart customisation this is looking so in depth and polished

graphics are stunning massive controller choice full online (free)

and youtube upkoads for those youtube weirdos witch doesnt interest me but is cool for those who are into that nonsense...

text and pic messaging and voice chat between races that is a great idea get the brodude crap out ofthe racing its self so you consentrate on the gameplay graphics ad sound its self leave the chatting for beteen race's

nintendo gets it so right yet again