Friday, August 23, 2013

Mario Kart 8 - New Gameplay Video

Same demo as the E3 build, but more is always nice when it comes to a new Mario Kart game.


Tim said...

I thought Mario Kart 7 looked really good from afar and would look better in HD. But this... This is awesome!

Anonymous said...

without a shadow of doubt the most polished clean crisp game at E3 2013

look at it per-fec-tion little old mario kart and it owned so many asses at e3

it looks amazing and the gamepad mtion looks solid clean and tight and totally lag free i hope wm+ motion steering is supported to

high level motion steering is something iv waited a long time for

hated the casual motion of mario kart wii although theres some amazing players online using it

best youtube iv seen of this off screen thanks dave...

sonics looking great too im so excited for xmas and beyond lol at ps4 and its boredude games and that hilarious knack rubbish