Thursday, March 28, 2013

Nintendo Web Framework detailed at GDC

We might be seeing an almost instant uprising of independent development on the Wii U eShop in the not too distant future with Nintendo Web Framework. This move by Nintendo shows that it's definitely not about raw processing power that makes you a successful video game developer or manufacturer. It's more about ease of use and making tools available to as many people as possible without huge development costs.

Here are the details:

- Wii Street U was one of the first apps created using Nintendo Web Framework
- this framework can help create apps that run on the GamePad, the TV, or both
- it can also be used to port games that were developed using web technology
- the software has the ability to make changes, refresh, and see them reflected on the GamePad or TV screen instantly
- Sketch Battle wad demoed, a simple platformer developed entirely in JavaScript and then ported to the Wii U using Nintendo Web Framework
- you can quickly create new stages using HTML backgrounds
- you also have the option to use the GamePad's camera and accelerometer
- Sketch Battle will be included in the Nintendo Web Framework SDK as a demo
- Nintendo Web Framework's codename was Bamboo
- the Framework SDK will be available for anyone to use free of charge after signing an agreement
- devs will need to purchase a Wii U developer kit
- Nintendo will not require concept approval
- this will allow for use of freemium models in apps developed in the Nintendo Web Framework

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