Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Full Wii U GPU specs coming soon?

So you thought those dev kit specs from 2011 were enough to satisfy most die-hard Nintendo fans? Seems that's not the case.

Chipworks  has full scan high-res photos of the Multi-Chip Module without the heat spreaders, that can be downloaded for $200 dollars each from the website.

The guys at NeoGAF are collecting funds to purchase the scanned photo of the GPU die (see the "Chipworks" link) in order to finally dissect what exactly the Wii U GPU is capable of or have a much better idea of what it is besides an "AMD HD Radeon GPU", it might turn up slightly inconclusive or it could finally close the matter once and for all this subject.

It doesn't look like the donations are up to anyone other than NeoGAF members so you'll just have to wait and see what develops. Here is the post from the technical discussion on GAF concerning this: Wii U tech 


Anonymous said...

i fail to see how a scan proves anything a simple leaked spec sheet will do we all know like an anadtech they will simply make things up

and pass it of as fact be nice to see if edram is in gpu or next to it actual clock speeds ram bus

gpu is some kind of custom e4690 or e6760
cpu is tri core 3mb edram we know that and aditional arms and dsp

Metaldave said...

All it's going to do is give more clarity on what the GPU is based on and how it can perform. We already have a good clue as to what the GPU can do, but this will give fans even more info.

Anonymous said...

i point is davevits neogafbthere doing this to down grade on wiiu not look honestly at it,there looking for ways to talk BULL about wiiu not look at it and see what it can do

lets say it has 320 shaders like the e4690 and some additional logic

the guys at neogaf wont say oh look at all that custom logic they will say it onky has 320 shaders they will do anything to try and say it isnt next gen

its already happening go to the wiiu gpu thread at beyond3d doom gloom nonsense idiot nintendo doesnt know what its doing

then go to the durago thread ZORG AMAZING 32MB EDRAM WOW

ibrest my case thesevbull shotters are idiots and cannot understsnd tech only pc marketing nonsense

they cannot even see that xbox 720 is using tablet parts vd wiius meaty desktop like parts ,if nintendo went x86 cpu id stop buying them ,these idiots in forums cannot even see how innefficent and rubbish pcs are vs better risc etc tech

they will talk a load of nonsense i dont trust neogaf one bit....

these people are to this day claiming a plastic stick is better than a wii remote THATS NOT STUPID THATS INSANE!!!!