Monday, January 28, 2013

Dr.Tre makes a good point

Hi guys, this is the first time I'm posting a video from "Tre" but he makes some points worth noting. Does Nintendo get bashed undeservedly? In relation to the Nintendo Direct that Nintendo just released last week, he talks about how basically there are people that just flat out hate Nintendo to the point of being unrealistic and short sighted about it.


Anonymous said...

not new this has been the case from 1980s nintendo are feared and hated by the u.s compute industry, nintendo seriously damaged the usa videogame and os computer industry in the 80s with nes ,they did it again with wii no company on earth has that nintendo factor they just almost bankrupted sony with disruption and sony will slowly die now abd there slowly abandaning the playstation brand
orbis - vita and playstation phone proves this playstation is a spent force like WALKMEN ..

xbox brand has along with ms ipod copys lost 20 billion dollars abd the xbox brand has been stated by investors etc as costing to much money and ms may even sell the brand name

right if wii didnt win the console war for nintendo please explain this

why is xbox next a windows box with tablet laptop parts

and why is orbis a linux pc with the same amd x86 tablet laptop parts

both have cpus that are ARMs version of the intel ATOM LOL....

there making brand name pcs and offering zero innovation ms DISCO BALL LIGHT SHOW and KINECT 2 please dont insult me there gimmic's there not control or gameplay innovations there silly gimmics

and a 3rd party company will offer the exact same thing as a add on for wiiu and ps4 orbis whatever the thing is called... and many thought that was wiis secret remember the projector out the wii sd slot rumors LOL

gamepad wii remote and wm+ and the pad choice has all the gameplay covered and offers a gamecube merts wii meets DS experiance YOU CANNOT BEAT THAT MS -SONY so dont ever try....

Anonymous said...

theres endless anylists and other such cough companys being payed to do this ironically the one investment company not being payed to say this has stated xbox brand worthless and likely up for sale theres at least one honest investment company out there

the latest idiot research into nintendo is there behind the next gen curv clearly in reality there way way ahead