Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Wii U Firmware update 2.1.0 - Faster loading?

If you've downloaded the Wii U system update you may notice some improvement in loading for menus and games. I've noticed an improvement to Miiverse loading times, but not all is better, things like "system settings" are still pretty slow in comparison to everything else. It's nice to have these improvements and it apparently fixed some bugs in what was causing the freezing of a few games like Nintendo Land.

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Anonymous said...

i was watching that video at gonintendo last night i wnt over to my wiiu and went to net settings checked my conection only to find it was 98% downloaded seconds laterit started to install witch took 10 minutes after that i turned of wiiu un plugged it re started frm red light t make sure system was refreshed then i checked apps -channels and oh boy its like 5 x faster miiverse loads in say 3 seconds plus not 30 seconds plus its only going to keep getting better were the hell is that blops 2 patch its getting silly now loosing games to auto aim super cannon filth i need to teach these clowns a good lesson until that wii remote aim and impact issue is sorted i cannot and activition theres a speaker on the wii rekote use it for bullet impact sound effects to compliment the rumble and weapon reload sound effects etc jesus think like game developers not assholes