Thursday, December 06, 2012

Nintendo Direct 12/5/12 - full presentation

I have to admit that Lego City Undercover looks rather tempting, not mention Pikmin 3 bu that was expected. The Google Maps panorama view looks to be a great idea if implemented correctly as well. Hopefully the next Nintendo Direct will have more info on brand new games that we haven't heard about yet.


Anonymous said...

all i can say is google map panoramic is typical nintendo genius the house ilive in been here 3 months or so i found and looked at on google maps trying to fiddle around the stret view with a mouse was a nightmare being able to naturally look at street level with a natural eye like view in real time is = TO A wii remote replacing a stick or mouse in a fps game hell why not tv sreen google maps and have a wii remote view as well more evidence scond stick abe backwad controls need to die and things need to move forward nintendo is the light yet again how is this so hard to understand i really do wunder about folks at times no doubt ps3 fans want d-pad view in oogle maps nice old fashioned dumb clunky movements lol at the clowns who think there the core the dont have a clue what core is!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

metaldave watch the video again watch iwata sorry lego iwatas hands.. he does the two handed at you gesture!!! then looks at is own hand as if to say HINT HINT.. he has already done this exact same action in previous videos and on top of that the younger American dude (that guy who takes to the stage at e3 with shigsy wen doing zelda demos) did a nintendo direct video in usa and he also did the statesmen like two handed at you gesture then looked at his own hands !!

3 times the same gesture followed by looking at there own hands has been done the gesture imply s both hands and motion movement and there looking at there hand after they do it

motion controlled pads you fit on your hands some kind of power glove maybe a game pad add on or is it game related to game pad

there is something big coming and the two hands at you is the key to working out what it is thats 3 times now this has happened and lego iwata did it the most obvious did you miss this !!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

yeah ok the game pads my in game communicator dont mean i have to hld it give me wii remote and nunchuck controls the game is screaming out for it then i can use my gamepad in its stand by my side like i do COD presto perfect controls