Thursday, November 29, 2012

Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed - 33 minutes of Wii U gameplay

I'm very happy to notice that all those frame rate issues in those early demos has been ironed out and now the final game runs very smooth.


Anonymous said...

wiiboy101 i got blops 2 zombi u and sonic racing thingy and nintendoland i spent over £500 at midnight release in uk Leicester city...

loving the console and the net flix hd upscale and the hd downscale onto control pad is cristal clear controller is amazing and screen is clear and bright i got two extra wii remotes 2 x wmplus and 2 nunchucks all in for £20 so i now have 6 wii remotes 4 chucks and 3 wmplus plug ins

pro pad and classic pad pro so im all core and ready to rumble

the rumors have started the clock speeds dont match 1to1 2to1 3to1 so theres some bs there and theres two modes as iwata clear stated yet idiots seem unable to hold data longer than 5 minutes

he said peak 40watts and peak 75watts so obviously theres more than o
1 clock speed to a non stupid person

if the cpu is a low 1.2 and doesnt go up then theres a chance the gpu goes to 1.32ghz also in a 1to1 balance but most likey theres two settings the low 550 to 600mhz gpu to 1.2ghz cpu and a second setting 75watts thats something like 1.6ghz cpu and 800mhz gpu

i love how the known facst go bye byes wen idiots want to discredit nintendo lol at the poor attempt to fool a wiiboy

Anonymous said...

the clock speed rumor already debunked!!!! the guys claiming powerpc 750 funny the cpu cannot in any way or shape do multi core the 32bit that does multi core = powerpc 400 family = SMP =multi core

powerpc 400s exist at 45nm multicore powerpc 750 stopped at 90nm and cannot in any way support SMP (multi core) why do these people try my intelligence