Friday, August 31, 2012

Mass Effect 3 will be 1080p on Wii U

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For a long time people have been wondering if the Wii U would even have any games that ran at 1080p. Now it seems we have confirmation that a full scale game (not a 2D platformer) will run at 1080p without any shortcomings in resolutions like the current gen HD systems have had.

The latest issue of Nintendo Power (RIP) has confirmed this to be true. So the question is, do you guys really care about games in 1080p, or is 720p still good enough? For myself personally, I've played PC gaming at 1080p on my Samsung HDTV and it's much more defined than I ever expected. I think if you see it for yourself you will notice the difference.


Seems the game will run at 720p and Nintendo Power was misinformed:



Anonymous said...

720p 768p and 1080p are all fine by me its the experience that counts not the pixel counting a 720p game can look better than a 1080p game its all down to how its done i dont game for numbers and wiiu scaling will utterly bitch slap ps3 and x360 im sure a 4k scale of 1080p would look cool on wiiu im just not bothered about it

lets also add here wiiu is doing 1080p and 480p at the same time on two seperate screens one of witch is wirless thats a massive resolution and rendering leap over x360 MASSIVE thats like 2k resolution power clearly wiiu is the worlds first true HD console

no 576p here cough ps3 cough x360

Anonymous said...

technically 720p 4XAA and 1080p no AA are the same image quality.. soooooo whats the point in even arguing, some games will be better of at 720 others another res its that simple.......

Anonymous said...

this is nonsense the devs have confirmed that its 720p there no truth to this just poor journalism by nintendo power who ever

Gregory Weagle said...

Almost all developers today use 720p for their games on PS3/XBOX 360; it just confirms that if Mass Effect 3 is not a straight port; then it will not come from the visual side which is great because Mass Effect 3 has been criticized a lot for it's storyline (in particular the payoffs that they originally promised); and anything that helps the gameplay elements will be an asset to the game.

If Nintendo fanboys are as close-minded as the critics claim that they are; then that might also be an advantage to EA.

Anonymous said...

closed minded go tell that to the PRO PAD fan boys lol, its a cheap port everyone already new that as if it was getting 1080p treatment, EA will do everything in there power to make wiiu look bad im sure there pachters main backer $$$$$$