Thursday, August 30, 2012

New Nintendo Direct Japan - Full Show

This is a great show for the 3DS (yet again) and especially if you speak Japanese. There are a lot of cool games shown though and it's worth checking it out. You didn't expect anything Wii U related did you?

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Gregory Weagle said...

Highlights of the show include Mr. Iwata talking at night with a flaming Japanese symbol in the mountain background; Gamefreak's e-Shop game which I give them props for doing over the easy way out (a new Pokemon game); and finally a date for Animal Crossing.

Lowlight of the show was that Iwata did not announce the date for Wii U information and basically said that it won't be done via a conference this time (Iwata said this via Twitter).

Although I'm confused as to if he means that there will be a conference before the NOA one or a Nintendo Direct before the NOA and then go do whatever Iwata's idea is; or something.

Anyhow; Iwata's tweet is just plain confusing to me and I wonder if that was intentional or not.

We'll see in two weeks; maybe less than that.