Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Fifa 13 - Wii U Developer Interview

The looks nice and clean but as you can tell, the developer is not trying to improve much over the other systems besides some of the different views and modifying on the touch screen. I've never personally been a fan of Soccer video games, but you never know, this might be worth checking out.


Anonymous said...

never been a fan of EA football games pes is much better in terms of actual football play EA seem to try to make the game feel like your watcching the champions league here in the uk

im guessing with american football(why is it called football)they try to make it like telivised games i dont get this

ITS A GAME ITS NOT TV EA how dare you call me casual its you whos casual MAKE GAMES WITH GAMEPLAY i aint interested in it trying to be a tv show

wii nu like wii can take sport games to a whole other level yet again the industry is stinking up gaming

Shane Castane said...

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