Saturday, July 14, 2012

Zombi U - Changes since E3?

 (Above from new trailer: Dead Zombie has red jacket)
 (Above from same new trailer: Zombie now doesn't have red jacket?)
 (Above from new trailer: Depth of Field & Anti-Aliasing present)
 (Above from E3: No Depth of Field and no Anti-Aliasing present)
 (Above from E3: No Anti-Aliasing, different Zombie Model)
(Above from new trailer: Different Zombie Model, Anti-Aliasing and better textures)

Since E3 Zombi U has gone through some minor but noticeable changes that are worth noting. The main changes are the smoother picture with Anti-Aliasing, better lighting, better textures and Depth of Field. 

Now I know that on different playthroughs Ubisoft has said that Zombi U will have a random generating spawning system. The Zombies could spawn in totally different places and look different for each player. Is that what is going on in the new trailers combining with the better effects or did Ubisoft decide do change the models in those sections for everyone? 

The dead Zombie with the red jacket is a good example of why I'm curious. In the new trailer the dead Zombie with the red jacket is present at first, then after the player kills a Zombie on the left of the screen, he goes back to the middle and the Zombie now does not have a red jacket anymore. Was the jacket eaten by the crows, or is it a case of a different Zombie model altogether? The same question applies to the dead Zombie on the ground in the Nursery, new model or random different model? It's fun to speculate but I'm sure these questions will probably go unanswered until we get closer to the Wii U launch, but at least for now we can see the visual improvements when compared to the E3 build. 

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