Monday, July 09, 2012

Wii U Experience Tour: New York

Looks like the Wii U was a big hit in New York last week. Nice to see some more people get their hands on the system. Nintendo is supposed to be having more events like this through out the summer to get as many people trying out the Wii U before they can buy it.

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Romulo said...

That's great! Hopefully this will clear things up for the people who think it's an accessory for the Wii.
I remember Nintendo did this for the SNES back in the day. I was still in college and they set up a huge tent on campus and had a bunch of SNES consoles hooked up to monitors. The cutting edge tech at the time was "mode 7" or their scaling chip. I had only read about "mode 7" in magazines and was excited to check it out. Falling from the sky and watching "mode 7" work was pretty damn cool for 2D sprites. LOL. Fast forward, and it's still a cool time to be a gamer!