Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Battlefield 3 - Funny Gameplay

This might be off the topic of Nintendo news, but this guy is really funny. He loves the game and then hates the game all in the same video. I have BF3 on PC and it is quite a great game but on console I haven't tried it yet, aiming might take a while to get used to compared to Call of Duty.


Anonymous said...

iv seen his youtubes before COD not bf3 his just as funny whilst playing COD,lol

BF games seem to dry to me a bit pointless online is a lonely experience and it all feels empty and dull COD has its faults but at least it has a soul

i cannot wait to have gamepad and wii remote options in such games take it to another level battlefield with wii remote plus and chuck and a gamepad as a navigation come map come voice chat device would seriously do it for me

classic padding NO FRIGGING WAY

Anonymous said...

off topic but i keep seeing this 75 watts power brick rumor so im now thinking over clocked version of the metaldave gpu (if it turns out that chip im calling it dave lol) and 3 broadway cores @ 45nm

a 800mhz gpu and a tri core broadway plus drive etc would come to about 60 to 65 watts so a 75 watt power brick would in deed work here