Sunday, June 03, 2012

Wii U Game Pad & Wii U Pro Controller revealed

The final design of the Wii U Game Pad over the prototype looks quite a bit bigger. I know we've seen the leaks already, but this is a very clear example of the improvements made. The Wii U Pro Controller also looks awesome and wireless as well! 

More details soon!


Anonymous said...

just point something out a wiiu button lay out and a wavebird shape desihn DO NOT MAKE A X360 PAD as is being said by yet again hardly ever been core non gamers !!!!!!!

i new they would do a wiiu classic pro to suck are money they didnt really need to do that

Anonymous said...

il be getting highly polished wii remote plus support for my fps games WONT I 3RD PARTYS !!!!!!!!!!!!

OR I DONT BUY!!!!!!!

Gregory Weagle said...

Well; now that we know that Nintendo is focusing on Wii U games at E3 and considering that Nintendo isn't showing any 3DS titles until the Software Showcase (which is presented live now); there will be a lot of games shown from third parties. There has to be now.

Something tells me Nintendo did the Nintendo Direct because the original live presentation at E3 was going to over-run as it is. And apparently; the Wii U is over-running as it is even with this decision since they basically telegraphed that 3DS software is going to have it's own conference the day after.!

As for the Wii U pro controller. Why bother? Does Mr. Hardcore really hate a touch screen? I get that they don't like motion controls (unless it's from Microsoft); but a touch screen? I thought they loved smartphones? After all; they are supposed to be killing Nintendo's business off, right?

24 hours to go...thank god it's almost over.

Anonymous said...

its to suck FAKECORES IN ,NINTENDO WANT THEM TO SAY OH ITS A XBOX PAD then they will play it !!!!!!! clever nintendo,they sucked in ps2 monster hunter players and MH psp players with classic pad / pro

but i agree wiiu gamepad and wii remote plus and nunchuck ARE VASTLY EVOLVED FOR CORE GAMING over sillycores old fashioned COUGH CLASSIC PAD