Friday, June 22, 2012

Nintendo Announces 3DS XL

Well it seems that Nintendo really wanted to be sneaky at this years E3 and hold some really big news on the 3DS until now. Here are some points of interest on the new revision:

- 90% Larger Screen on both top and bottom than original 3DS
- Releasing in Red, Blue and Silver, 
- System will be bundled with 4GB SD card this time
- Releases in North America on August 19th for $199


While I can't wait to try the new 3DS to see how it feels and also see if the larger screen will effect the graphics for the worse or better, I'm perfectly happy with the way the original still plays and looks. I guess we only have a couple of months to find out if it's worth it. 


Anonymous said...

the scren is only 90% bigger yes almost double but in resolution terms its still well within limits for quality viewing i bet the scrrens themselves and the 3D is better than before i bet its all improved

this thing has got me smiling il now join the 3DS fun as i still dont personally own one

this thing on top of the original 3DS is a death nail to that pile of dung psvita

Anonymous said...

no excuses 3rd partys get those stylus core games on here analog and stylus 3rd person and fps heaven

that huge touchscreen is screaming mouse aim with mii baby right at us

Gregory Weagle said...

I knew Nintendo was going to announce a 3DS Lite/XL system; but I never thought that they would do it this early. On the other hand; Nintendo released the DS Lite with a new Mario game and that was the point where DS made PSP look like a joke despite PSP's glorified status as the best non-Nintendo handheld out there. So yeah.

About time they release Professor Layton into the 3DS wild too.

This Nintendo Direct is the best one Nintendo of America has ever done and it was very fruitful (minus the only one e-Shop game on sale; but that's minor compared to the rest of it.)

Unknown said...

I'm happy with the original 3DS, in terms of using it for gaming.

However, after I get a hold of the Wii U this year, I will save up for the 3DS XL. The reason for it, is that I want to use it for drawing (using it with "Colors 3D" and "Art Academy"). Having bigger screens making better for using such software.

In terms of the resolution of the screens, it will be the same, since if Nintendo were to double the pixel density of the screens, they would need to release a totally new hardware in order to pull it off. And in that case it wouldn't be a 3DS but a brand new platform. And that won't happen since the 3DS is barely a year old.

This revision is like the DS had with the DS XL. And the DS XL looks awesome. I still remember the first time I saw one in the wild. A kid was playing Mario Kart DS and it looked amazing on bigger screens.

Anonymous said...

3DS XL PLUS ANALOG THINGY = WIIU GAMEPAD WITH 2 SCREENS kinda and we all know that will happen right

Anonymous said...

im so glad nintendo is slowly destroying hardly core they will not ad a second analog stick and there eating away at sony more and more

theirs a huge touch screen on the thing its about time this idiot industry and the idiots supporting it sony ms fans started excepting the facts NINTENDO IS DADDY AND NINTENDO RUNS THE PRISON sony and ms are mere sissy boys with there notted shirts and hankys on there heads and there battys hanging out there prison issue denim jeans showing what sweet boys they are

its time sony and ms fan stopped hiding behind the term hardcore and admit not only are they the true casuals but also they havnt a clue to what gaming really is

that huge touchscreen so destroys a second analog stick it warrants a global investigation into the mind set of sony and ms fans THEY SHOULD BE DEEMED RETARDED BY THE UN OR SOMETHING

the level of control and depth that tactile screen offers and now its shear size screams camera control aim control motion interaction etc

its time sony and ms fans and the industry GOT WITH THE TIMES

the next person to say oh no second stick gets shot and the next person to call twin sticks core should have there whole blood line wiped from the earth there sed gone for ever

IM SICK TO THE BACK TEETH WITH IDIOTS RULE nintendo god bless her is putting the world right well the gaming world lol

rant over

Gregory Weagle said...

WHAT THE---?! I realize that the games industry has done some of the dumbest decisions ever made during Wii's release and I realize how stupid demographics is. I also realize that Mr. Hardcore is a casual who projects himself. They embarrass this industry.

However; I draw the line when you called Sony and Microsoft fanboys a bunch of retards. That is disgusting and a slap in the face to everyone with a mental illness. Anon; you are exhibit A on why people should hate fanboys. Good work; and now go the hell away. Forever.