Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Wii: 2006-2012

With the Wii U debuting in full force in a few weeks, I think this video for the original Wii is somewhat fitting. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

the lack of backing by the anti nintendo industry is incredible, they did it to themselves then blamed nintendo ,,that's like a gambler robbing there elderly mother then blaming mom for the robbery ,it deranged and retarded

COD got its wii act together after some waiting but everything else was one huge fail i can see this happening to wiiu

they will act like wii remote never happened and go ULTRA HARDLY CORE with twin sticks controls but poor use of touchscreen and innovation i can see it coming nothing running wild in are imaginations will be realized

the industry will palm us off with remote play on the controller and and menu huds on the controller and ps3 like controls for the games

THEY WILL THEN CLAIM THATS HARDCORE AND ALSO INNOVATION and theres no wii remote plus and chuck option in the control menu

wii all know this right !!!!!!!!

predator said...

The wii has had some amazing games on it's system but they took too long to come out. Only a hand full of third party games where worth buying. Only Nintendo made games could be relied upon for graphics and gameplay.