Thursday, May 24, 2012

Dragon Quest X - New Screens

Nintendo is really going to send the Wii off with a bang in Japan all while bringing the Wii U in with a bang with the same game basically being released as a launch titled with enhanced graphics/controls. I've never played a Dragon Quest game before, but from the looks of it (I could be way off) the game looks something like a cartoon Monster Hunter with turn based combat. It may not be a big deal in the United States, but in Japan this is one of the top franchises of all-time.  


Gregory Weagle said...

Dragon Quest (Sometimes known as Dragon Warrior) was around long before Monster Hunter ever existed. I have played all nine released versions, and 1-6 + 9 were great, seven was okay but really slow (thanks to being on CD) and eight was good; but really bloated.

Dragon Quest X is actually the first official MMORPG on a Nintendo console; which bugs me because it's also a paid subscription based game. Weither or not that will hurt the sales remains to be seen.

Mariyiddo said...

I'm really hoping Square drop this "paid subscription" nonsense overseas though. Sure Japanese players will gladly pay for it (they love Dragon Quest) but over here? Not so much. Hopefully we will find out more at E3.