Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Beamdog's Trent Oster bitter with Nintendo?

While I do agree with Trent on some of the issues with WiiWare, I think his overall view of the Wii U is skewed a little bit from his bad experience with the Wii in general. I mean, with the excitement and possibilities the Wii U brings with it's Next Gen graphics and innovative controller, how could a developer not be excited to bring their game to the system even if it's just port like Baldur's Gate would be?

Here is some things he said:

"I'm not an oracle on the problems with WiiWare, but from my perspective the platform hasn't been a success for many developers outside of Nintendo.

The 40MB size limit on WiiWare makes it very difficult to bring larger games to the platform. We had to go to war on MDK2 to get it to fit within the 40MB constraints, taking a 400 plus megabyte game and cutting it a full order of magnitude in size. We put a lot of effort into managing the compromises to get the game down in size and still keep the quality level high.

For the Wii U, I once again don't get it. I'm having a hard time seeing how a tablet controller & console system is going to be revolutionary. I could be wrong, but I think the gaming world has changed irrevocably and there are now two fronts: Triple A console titles which resemble blockbuster movies and freemium/app store titles which are closer to television. The triple "A" titles cost a ton to develop and there is a market for the best of the breed, with the major brands doing huge numbers but many titles not even breaking even.

The freemium/app space has everything from "assware" (my pet name for poor quality freemium titles), up to what I would compare to HBO television titles, which are high production quality and well executed games which sell in the $10-$30 price point. The PC platform bridges both models, which makes it an interesting target to develop for. To me, the Wii U doesn't fit into either model and I see a lot of difficulty for it on either front. The app store/freemium model has redefined consumer pricing expectations, making consumers much less likely to invest $60 in a title without playing it first. The triple "A" model focuses on delivering the experience you expect at the agreed upon price, which is going to be hard to sell conceptually with a new platform like the Wii U. I wish Nintendo the best and I hope they can hit big with a major success."

With so much negativity it's almost comical that he adds "I wish Nintendo the best" at the end. It's amazing what PR will do to a person that has to go on record. If the Nintendo eShop is anything to go by, I'd say that the Wii U will be in really good shape. 


Anonymous said...

getting a little tired of the TABLET THINGY.... it isn't a tablet its a DS/wii hybrid like experience.....DS is not a tablet nor is wii nor is wiiu pad....and little hints so far show a lot of magic to come like 360 degree window into 3D world and window into tv set via pad screen

FOR A DEVELOPER TO SAY WHAT HE SAID SHOWS NO TALENT another normal day in the games industry then NOTHING CHANGES

Anonymous said...

wait a second he cuts a game down to fit and supports wii controls does a good job at it then complains that wii helped show there talent at getting such a game to fit

NONSENSICAL !!!!!!!!!!!! wiiware wasnt for big titles

Biohaard said...

I get that he's frustrated with WiiWare, and dozens of Nintendo fanboys would agree. Nintendo needs to revamp their online infrastructure. But his statement is utter bullshit. Nobody buys anything on the Wii but Wii Sports. So nobody bought the Super Mario Galaxy series, Super Smash Bros: Melee, Metroid Prime Trilogy, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, Xenoblade Chronicles, and The Last Story?

This guy is a joke. He actually admitted that the DS and GameCube are great platforms, yet he thinks Nintendo isn't a good platform for developers, as if they're incapable of learning from their mistakes. He obviously didn't see Iwata openly acknowledging the problems with the 3DS launch and the promises he made about the Wii U being more friendly to third-party developers.

Anonymous said...

post 3 your not seeing the trees your seeing the forest look at the trees


do you seriously believe wii wasn't backed by the industry because of resolution TOTAL AND UTTER NONSENSE it doesn't matter how good nintendo do the industry wants only

IOS devices with no license fee ,he would most likly say ipad is a gaming device just like the rest of these lice/flees/rotches

they have no talent there obsessed with the tv and movie industry they think having a script in a video game = talent THEY DONT SEEM TO EVEN SEE ANY DIFFERANE BETWEEN A GAME AND A MOVIE the damage is done there inept brainwashed morons this isn't just a gaming issue its a human issue

we got 80% of the usa watching the ball game swigging beer as we approach ww3 and currency collapse in every single area of are lives THESE KINDS OF PEOPLE ARE IN CONTROL and 90% of the population are nodding there heads saying yes i serv you master

ps3 fans remind me of people in general BELIEVE EVERYTHING Dman SAYS

wii was massively more NEXT GEN than x360/ps3 ever were but we got brainwashed fanboys (just like brainwashed voters) that resolution resides generations THATS JUSY EMBARRASSINGLY STUPID...


the industry wants a few buttons to press and a game with a z list story THERE ISNT ANY TALENT ANY MORE JUST LIKE

the usa loves old British tv shows because there genius yet these shows were written by individuals single people writing genius stuff

we now have a team of 500 writers writing the trash we see on usa tv today

game developers are simply pasting and clicking a mouse in development APPS the days of real programming and game play making and art are long long long gone outside of nintendo THE INDUSTRY WANTS NINTENDO OUT THE WAY SO THEY CAN SELL CRAP TO US

just like the take away super companys want you eating burgers instead of a real meal WAKE UP TO REALITY gaming is just another area of are lives destroyed by THE STUPID

Anonymous said...

lol @ Nintendo online problems,,there's no game on ps3 or x360 that runs lag free like mario kart wii

there's nothing online wii cannot do im still waiting for someone to show me were there lacking there's nothing online wii cannot do in comparison to ps3

surf the web CHECK

stream radio/movies/music CHECK

play online CHECK

chat online CHECK

net flix CHECK

watch porn CHECK

message with wiimote or qwerty key board CHECK

play any wii online game with out friends codes CHECK

lag free wifi CHECK (PS3 X360S WIFI IS A JOKE)...

theres 1 tiny difference between wii and the HD twins a friends list and a central hub outside of individual games THATS THE ONLY SINGLE DIFFERENCE THAT EXISTS

yet wii keep hearing about this POOR ONLINE INFRASTRUCTURE!!!!!!!!!!



PLEASE EXPLAIN TO ME WHY A CENTRAL HUB FOR FRIENDS CHAT THE ONLY DIFFERENCE THAT EXISTS IN REALITY between wii and the hd twins is some how evidence that nintendo suck

thats hardly core made up horse shit there is no game in existence that plays a smooth online as mario kart wii

ps3 and x360 have massive wifi issues and poor range wiis wifi is fantastic

xbox live is payed for crap that doesn't even allow true net access thats nothing to fan about

nintendo is some inept company that doesn't get the net



im waiting for nintendo to do something very nintendo with online

NOT GENERIC !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

isnt the 3rd party industry screaming for a always on ability for consoles so net connection remains even when the console is off

wii and 3DS ALREADY DO THIS ps3 and x360 DO NOT

Gregory Weagle said...

Actually; it wasn't his issues with Wiiware that pissed me off. Those problems are legit and Nintendo should have fixed at least the certification process so that the turnaround time goes a lot smoother. And the size problems everyone knew a long time ago.

What pissed me off is that he called the Wii a toy. Never mind that if you play a game; it's considered a toy by proxy. And isn't it funny that almost no one mentioned that Beamdog is not planning anything for PS3 and XBOX 360? Beamdog has made one console title and that was the MDK2 remake for Wiiware.

Trent Oster sounds like another version of Steel Penny Games to me.