Monday, April 09, 2012

Aliens: Colonial Marines - More Multiplayer Gameplay

Apparently, the multiplayer will share some of the teamwork aspects of games like the Left 4 Dead series in working together to take out the Xenomorphs. Left 4 Dead 1& 2 are very fun games, so taking those elements and putting it in a sci-fi atmosphere could work very well.

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Anonymous said...

I understand this is a sample of multiplayer and I'm looking forward to it but...I really want to play single player because the early stuff I've seen captures the claustrophobic setting. This particular multiplayer map doesn't really doesn't capture that feeling. I get it - multiplayer is more action oriented. Maybe they'll have some tight crawling type areas to explore or a side mission the player "has" to complete to get to another area. Like turning on power or something to save his team.
Cameron's Aliens was essentially more of a war movie than Ridley Scott's, but he managed to incorporate horror moments. Also, if you remember, the Xenomorph would also camouflage in the surroundings and then it's in your face! Lastly, in Cameron's Aliens the sheer number of the Xenomorphs made you run and retreat more than anything else. (Think Black Ops Zombies where teamwork is essential) This has potential.
Looks to be a cool title for WiiU.

"Game over, man! Game over..."!