Friday, November 18, 2011

Reggie: "Wii U will disrupt the market"

Here is a portion of the new interview with Reggie:

Nintendo President Iwata says every measure will be taken to ensure that the Wii U is a success. What does the Wii U need to succeed when it arrives in 2012?

Reggie: The Wii U has to deliver a differentiated experience that can only be brought to bear through the use of these two screens. If all we do is a beautiful game in HD, it's been done before. We have to take advantage of the second screen, we need to take advantage of the connectivity that the system will offer and, if we do that, we believe that we will yet again disrupt the market the same way we with DS and Wii.

We've heard murmurs that people are calling Zelda: Skyward Sword the swan song for the Wii. Is there any truth to that?

Reggie: Well, it is certainly true that the Wii is not over. I was the one who was asked the question originally, and I think some comments were taken out of context. So, what I can say is that there certainly will be more games launched for the Wii. And what I can say is that we believe there are still millions more systems to be sold. And I can say that the Wii will coexist side by side beside the Wii U for some period of time. 

I think for any game to compare to Skyward Sword, I think is gonna be a tough challenge. All the reviews aren't out yet, but I counted this morning there are eight perfect scores. I don't know if there's going to be a video game in history that's going to be able to compare to Skyward Sword. So, to clarify my comments on this, there will be more games for the Wii, we'll sell more hardware for the Wii and it will coexist side by side to the Wii U. All those things I can commit to, but I can't commit that there's going to be another game that will score and be of the caliber of Skyward Sword. I don't think there's been one to date.

Link to the full interview

Just how disruptive the system will be is unknown at this time. At least we will be getting Nintendo games that look far and beyond what has been seen on the Wii so far. I'm looking forward to getting some news on the Wii U next year.

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universitas terbaik said...

i love nintendo.....

ghea said...

how about x box?

Anonymous said...

The thing that I really liked about that interview, is that Reggie confirmed that Nintendo devs insisted on giving us gamers a COMPLETE game. And not doing what other devs and companies do with DLC's (looking at you Capcom), which is that they sell you stuff that should've been included on the original disc.

Oh, they will tap some of that but not the way is being done.

And that's great, since I'm tired of how gaming companies will slice-up a game to sell one part on the disc and the rest as DLC's.