Monday, June 13, 2011

Wii U Tech Demos vs. PS3 & Xbox 360 Tech Demos

Wii U:

Playstation 3:

Xbox 360:

This Xbox 360 tech demo show above is actually brand new from a few months back for a new engine called "Mega Meshes" intended on extending the life of current gen consoles. I was unable to find a tech demo from 2005 for the Xbox 360. It looks nice but is not very smooth and kinda basic when compared to the other demos.

So when watching these tech demos, the only thing that stands out to me is that the Wii U so far looks like a big step up graphically from the other two systems. The realism and detail in the Wii U tech demos are really unmatched when compared to the PS3/360. A taste of things to come.


Biohazard said...

The mega meshes is supposed to take advantage of the tessellation unit in the Xbox 360, but it's not all that effective. Notice how lifeless that demo was? I spoke to someone who is very knowledgeable about game tech, and he claims that there won't be too many games that will use this technique because the Xbox 360 doesn't have much processing power for developers to harness in the future.

Anonymous said...

its clear from the WiiU tech demos that the WiiU is in ots own league and thats the start of whats to come wow im very impressed the most ive been 4 anyconsole wow and then the controller is immence wow wow wow

Anonymous said...

the zelda and bird tech demos are the lesser ones theres more that blow them away but embargoed by nintendo IGN have 1 its downtown japan and the graphics are mind blowing and you can look behind you on the wiiu tablet and see everything going on apparantly amassing

power 7 cpus are 3/4 steps above x360 cpu cores then ad edram 4850/4870 are 3/4 steps above x360 gpu nintendo is being very conservative we shall see more closer to release...

Anonymous said...

birdy = unreal 3.5 the engine frat fat boy mark rein is bigging up for ps4 etc
unreal 3.5 is that newer ur3 thats pc only until e3 2011 lol,optermized power7 and optermized 4870 type chips running sub 1080p to 1080p is mind blowing at least 2x a pc running that spec guessing at 5x x360..

Anonymous said...

lol @ music in zelda tech video its from the movie famous vampire killers a old classic vamp movie

the old guy with white hair and his young side kick go after vampires great film i was giggling at the zelda video because of it and for before release tech demos wiiu craps on the competition

the anti wiiu has started industry gamer claiming its a ps3 and x30 1.5 FUNNY THATS WHAT wii was claimed to be a gamecube 1.5 hhhhhh smells a rat

and the info came from a industry analyst not a respected dev

x30 1.5 is being claimed as is ps3 1.5 i see a anti wiiu hate campain growing before are eyes the tech info so far proves to be 3x x30 if not a lot lot more a power @ 1.ghz would prison bitch a x360 cpu

Anonymous said...

yes and u got micheal ancel Ubisoft saying its not next gen u should ask him if he understands IBM gave stated it uses same multi-core cpu tgats found in WATSON so a Power7 Cpu isnt next gen what ever some1 needs to have words with him i mean a custom Power7 optimised 4 console would be too powerful 4 BGAE2 as this is the game he is denying on WiiU and also wont commit to ps4/720 as he says its more to do with interface abit weird if u ask me as them early tech demos show WiiU to be many times more powerful than PS3 what a plum the guy who owns this site should email ancel and remind him we know the cpu is a beast IBM have confirmed this how ignorant.

Syferz said...

Why didn't you use the longer bird demo?

Yes it's longer, but it's far better looking, and if you compare this one to the one that you showed, you can see that this has added effects, it was on the show floor an hour after reggie showed the shorter video. That clearly shows just how early and unfinished this demo is.

Anonymous said...

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