Friday, June 24, 2011

Ninja Gaiden 3 Wii U - new info

From Team Ninja localization manager Peter Garza:

- Wii U version is 30% complete
- not exactly sure yet on how the Wii U controller will be used in the final game
- Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword on DS is giving them some ideas

"There was a DS version, so we have some experience with touch controls and it [Dragon Sword] seemed to be fairly well received. So, now we have the chance to give this full console experience with those controls on the Wii U. We've actually started development on it but we don't have anything set. We're just playing with it. We're looking forward to emerging of Ninja Gaiden 3 gameplay and visuals with Dragon Sword touch commands. That's where we're thinking now. Honestly, we're just playing with it, so it might change--that's the focus right now."

Garza speaking about the game's violence level:

"What does it mean to cut someone with a sword, both physically and mentally? You'll notice sequences when time slows down, the camera will zoom in. That's the representation of the sword going into the body, getting caught in the bones and the muscles of the enemy, and you have to really push through the meat of the body to finish the cut. We call that steel on bone."

Well a Nintendo console hasn't had a new Ninja Gaiden game since the NES was still alive and kicking. I'm excited to get my hands on this on when it's completed. I'm sure the touch screen will be put to good use for items and interactivity.


Anonymous said...

needs both wii remote and touch screen options for motion play , pointing, the wiiu pad simply use left analog combined with the screen DS style and do the same with wii remote and nunchuck...

why are 3rd partys acting like wii remote dont exist when its 4x wii remote plus and 1x wiiu pad per console GETTING ANNOUED ...

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Anonymous said...

its 2x Upad and 4x wiimot+ wiiu isnt compatable with standard wiimote only the + version and it supports 2 Upads as Crytek are working on a game that will allow 4 pads 4 co-op google it