Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D - Gametrailers review

Wow, this brings back all those memories all at once. What a great game, have you guys picked this one up yet? Let me know what your impressions are so far in the comment section.


Anonymous said...

not getting it yet may wait till Christmas.....not playing today got up this morning grabbed a chicken drum stick out the fridge then collapsed and had a fit (1 st time ever) woke up naked on the living room floor in the recovery position asking were did my drumstick go well do i go hospital and maybe loose my drivers licence for 6moths or keep my jaw shut lol ....... no video games for me today

life is a bitch lol

game on said...

I have and am LOVING every minute of it. The game looks OUTSTANDING in 3D and brings back so many memories...

Even though its the same game, it feels like an all new experience.

Hope you are well my man.

Anonymous said...

I have and feel greedy because while playing it I kept marvelling at the 3D and wishing it was Majoras Mask instead. I actually grabbed the Gamecube Collectors edition disc and started MM all over again.
I have now completed Zelda OOT3D and managed to complete all the shooting games, I got 49 seconds in the two laps at Lon Lon ranch and won the cow, I am set to play Master Quest.
It's been a refreshing experience and really showcases the 3DS hardware. I hope Capcom and Konami are taking notes about the gyroscope aiming for MGS3 and Resident Evil Revelations.
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