Friday, April 15, 2011

Conduit 2 vs Turok 2 a sad comparison

Here I have supplied 2 videos, the first is Conduit 2 and the second is a 13 year old game in Turok 2 for the N64. Amazingly Turok 2 manages to have a better art design and textures (not in pure detail but placement).

I've been watching Conduit 2 for a long time (skip to the end part of the video in the open area- looks really bad) and something about it has never looked right to me, either it being too bland, too dark or just plain ugly. It's really sad that people who are watching these videos for Conduit 2 are actually being impressed by them, they all have successfully completely lowered their standards even below what the Wii is actually capable of doing. High Voltage Software tried (I guess) with the first Conduit but they really just don't know how to make a game look high quality, they are just not very high class AAA developer like Activision or Capcom. Normal Mapping and shading don't go very far when everything is flat and lifeless. Remember Metroid Prime 3? That game is almost 4 years old and you'd think that we'd be seeing even better looking games than that on the Wii by now...what a lost shame.

The next Nintendo home console is all but confirmed for 2012, here's hoping they get some developers that are top tier and actually want to develop high class games for their system.


Anonymous said...

The problem with the otherwise impressive engine powering HVS' games is that their artists are either:

A. Terrible


B. The budget is just too low to justify spending the money to create a Wii game on par with things like Super Mario Galaxy et al.

Considering there is no shortage of artists in the game biz, I'm going to, sadly, go with 'B', and Sega simply isn't willing to spend the money to make the tech shine. (Of course this is hardly limited to just Sega, sigh.)

Biohazard said...

To give High Voltage Software credit, the game does look incredibly detailed and more refined than the predecessor. But I agree, overall. The art design is still the series' weakest point, and it even looks less inspiring with the character models looking over-stylized and inconsistent. It looks like they heavily burrowed from other popular sci-fi first-person shooters.

Anonymous said...

my own pet hate also metaldave

conduit 1/2 both have a very flat 1 dimensional look to them like psp games do and high voltage were a psp developer its like there engine is a fleshed out psp engine

conduit looks flat like halo one on xbox very droll

COD black ops destros it et again doesnt seem to reall push the wii

metriod prime 3 shits on them both at twice the framerate hhmmmmmm

Anonymous said...

Not always about graphics, dude.

Metaldave said...

It is about graphics in this post and reason is shown in the videos. The Wii is better than that.

Anonymous said...

its not graphics whoring we are doing its not liking a look tell the truth i was impressed with it online maps on youtube but everything looks flat unfinished looking

we are not graphics whoring theres something missing not fleshed out like the game lacks a soul and is pasty white needs a bit of sun and some vitamin D

in short looks cheap