Monday, November 15, 2010

Call of Duty: Black Ops Wii - Vietnam video

This is a good example of how the Wii handles the levels in Black Ops where things get very cinematic. I think I this is one of the more fun levels in the game and definitely looks great on the Wii. If you haven't bought this game yet, you're missing out on one of the best games this year.

I keep forgetting to add my Ally Code here, as soon as I get a chance I'll post it so we can have a nice friendly Free For All or Team Deathmatch. I really like the game's online system since adding friends is really easy and joining up with them while they are online is even easier. 


Anonymous said...

not got it yet metaldave but bear with me i shall own it soon and il do a freinds code exchange with you dude if thats ok have you got the head set im having trouble finding it here in the uk i hope your playing wiimote and nunchuck ,as i plan on finding all clasic pad users and having there hands chopped off for being DUMB FPS PLAYERS and insulting the wii user base LOL HAHA

Anonymous said...

just been over at youtube watching online play the game is running so smooth, im so impressed but if i see one more hardly core ask can you use classic pad, il scream those people seriously get on my nerves why would you classic pad a fps game when theres a wiimote and nunchuck option some people are beyond help !!!

Metaldave said...

I've "tried out" playing with the Classic Controller for Black Ops and Goldeneye and I really can't get used to it anymore it really feels bad to me. PC mouse and Keyboard followed closely by the Wii remote Nunchuck combo are the best ways to control FPS games in my opinion.

XidZen said...

Best CoD I ever played im not finished it yet but nearly :)
Honestly a must have title for Wii oweners.
Stable framerate great animation superb level design and scripting.
Trayarch made game that beated MW2(and MW somehow).

Do not know why but CCPro is much better for me than X360 controller.
Need to repair my sensorbar and start playing normaly :)

Anonymous said...

theres some obvious facts people dont get about controls

dual analogs is not suited to fps and it requires all this software assistance AIM ASSIST AND AUTO AIM and constant scrolling like get to edge of screen start scrolling again like on a web page

mouse offer tight aiming like a wii remote but its still plagued with scrolling its ok as you go about the screen aiming just as wiimote is but at some point you again have to scroll i.e life up the mouse re position on the mouse mat and continue DUMB

wiimote requires no scrolling at all as its also your camera so its all ways correct you dont have to physically lift it off a mouse matt or re position it under a thumb like a analog stick

no other controller can do that only wii remote and move wand also has that issue it looses its head and requires a re calibration every 10 minutes and if camera gets confused it goes haywire

wiimote is number one near mouse aim and speed but easy point and use set up no calibration no scrolling and no configuration like a dam pc and no re calibration like move it offers everything

the need to scroll being removed i bet nintendo worked on that as that is a bastard and gets in the way and makes analog camera aim hard on casual players and makes it hard to use mouse also STEAP LEARNING CURV
and no qwerty keyboard will ever match a nunchuck for navigating a 3d map
seperate keys are crap compared to d-pad and d-pad is crap compared to analog stick nothing compares to analog stick for walk and run and every thing in-between in a 3d level/map

making a analog stick and camera pointer mouse work in tandem was a god sent to gamers from nintendo HARDLY-CORE gamers are seriously pissing me off with there bullshit

go to enter forum and look at wiiboy101's thread on fps controls i have a good old digg at there expense

oh and wiimote has rumble feed back and sound feed back no mouse has that i wish cod would use wiimote speaker for sound effects of weapons and for foot steps coming close shit like that 3RD party have no talent seriously

i also want wii 2 to have a mic and a better speaker so online chat can be done with no head gear just speak as you play and people speaking to you just come thru the wiimote speaker simples yes !!!!

Anonymous said...

yes but Goldeneye gets more tome from me because its flawless animation and 60fps 99% of the time in golden gun online im addicted

Metaldave said...

Hate to ruin your day but Goldeneye is anything but 60 fps. The game is 20-30 frames at best and online it's 20 at best. I'm sorry but I have the game and this is what I'm seeing and this is what others have noticed too (many others)