Wednesday, September 22, 2010

NBA JAM Wii - Remix mode video

I have to say that this NBA JAM looks like it might very well be the best in the series so far. Those extra modes exclusive to the Wii version look amazingly fun and varied. It's such a shame that they decided NOT to put online in the Wii version; I know that fluidity was a big issue in the development but there are plenty of Wii games that are online and have no lag so what happened? Anyway, it looks to be really fun with 4 players sitting together at home. I'm still going to play it a bunch and can't wait.

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Anonymous said...

wii is vastly the best online lag free wifi console ps3 and x360 are a joke on wifi there is no lag issue on wii WHO MADE THAT UP EA are just trolling the wii thats obvious its cheap lazy developing DOES COD LAG HHhmmmm NO does COD lag with wifi add on for x360 and crash hell yeah