Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Lord of the Rings: Aragorn's Quest - video review

This game looks surprisingly good, I'm interested. I like how they got a lot of the original actors voices for the game. After reading some impressions of the PS3 version, it seems that the Wii version is better in every way even graphically since the PS3 version suffers from screen tearing and the motion controls (shocked?) are not as responsive as the Wii motions. Go check it out guys.


Biohazard said...

I keep telling everyone that developing games for motion controls takes time, skill, and patience instead of just the technology. In fairness to the PlayStation Move, Aragorn's Quest was rushed and doesn't represent the potential the motion controller offers. However, this proves my case anyway. Whether motion controllers are using sensor bars or cameras, great games all lie in effort and design. I have a feeling PlayStation Move and Xbox Kinect will be seeing a lot of "waggle" or "shaking" games before we see their true potential in the future.

Anonymous said...

calabration issues and a constant need to resrt them in move sports,storys of tracking going haywire wen move bulb leaves sight of camera reflection and light issues with camera and now aragens qeast move wand issues....didnt nintendo drop the cameras idea and isnt the bulb thing clearly floored and LAGS and isnt move limited to 300 degrees motion were as wiimote has a 1600 degrees wm+ add-on and sonys sub thingy has no motion at all and nunchuck has 300 degrees ,,,,but move is better becausa sonys fans said so COUGH