Thursday, September 02, 2010

Metroid Other M - video reviews

The video reviews here seem more realistic than the ones from G4/Xplay. The G4 review failed to recognize that the gameplay, while changed, is still very addictive and fun, I mean just look at the combat sequences in the top video! Game looks hot.

There was a quote someone mentioned on a video game forum last night concerning reaction to this game:

"Wow. It's so funny how different impressions can be when they come from Metroid enthusiasts rather than Nintendo-haters."

So true. Why would a video gaming site give a Nintendo game for review to a certified Nintendo hater? Also, why doesn't Nintendo file a lawsuit against companies like this? Bias is very different than a difference of opinion.


Anonymous said...

Anyone that actually plays Metroid: The Other M will come to realize how incredibly biased and unprofessional the X-play/G4 review was. They have made an issue out of something that no unbias and professinal review even mentions. Those trolls at G4 and X-play should try reading Kotaku's review. I love how they reduced the whole "sexist" thing that G4/X-play made a big deal about, to a brief comment about Samus having "Daddy issues". And it never even came close to being a relevant issue with them. What they did care about, was the GAMEPLAY. Kotaku had a lot to say about that. Especially the controls. That's the sort of stuff we want to know about in reviews. Not the fact that Samus takes back womenhood 100 years by following orders from a man or whatever they claim "she" does.

Anonymous said...

I know that you can't move in first person mode but if you read the manual it says that you are able to dodge by taking your cursor off screen. so I guess if your good enough you can avoid damage in first person mode.

Anonymous said...

You should let people post comments without your approval, but you probably don't want all these negative comments from people showing up.

You're an embarrassment to Nintendo fans. It's people like you that the article "Nintendo is lazy and you don't care" was written for.

You have Nintendo's cock in your ass so far that when anyone reviews a game of theirs badly you call for their resignation and they are automatically biased. Idiot.