Friday, September 03, 2010

Goldeneye Wii - Multiplayer Mode videos

The Tag Mode looks cool in my opinion, but Invisibility Mode? Not so much. Granted it's just another multi-player mode but a wasted one if you ask me. Nothing is more cheap in a deathmatch than killing someone while invisible and I never understood why these types of modes are in games like this. Other than that, the game looks very fun.


Anonymous said...

have all of you guys who come here noticed something every wii FPS game has true FPS controls and some or fully customization and there only getting better and better as time goes by

yet HD console fanboys call themselves CORE and us CASUAL

if wii are casual how come we use and customize true FPS controls and every ps3 and x360 fps game clearly and blatantly has AIM -ASSIST

watch any COD player on x360/ps3 theres clearly a built in AUTO-AIM-ASSIST GOING ON

if there core gamers WHY DO THEY REQIURE A AIM ASSIST

true gamers choose Wii

Biohazard said...

It's based on public perception. Publishers have released core games more frequently on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 than the Wii. This has continued to happen because of relatively disappointing core game sales for the console. I don't know which first-person shooters you are referring to when it comes to auto-targeting, but hardcore FPS fans choose PC over consoles. Nothing can beat the mouse.

Anonymous said...

the wii remote is a mouse its a ir mouse pointer and mouse has nothing like the function of a wiimote and is movable in 2d space on a flat surface only

wiimote moves in 3D and doesn't require a flat surface or a cjair and desk set up

mouse also courses you to sit forward and couse mouse and keyboard back /arm pain etc

a wiimote encurrages you to sit back in a arm chair and not course injury and pain some more points about wiimote i just pointer out

watch HD console players they strain forward with the pad between two hands ands and crunch there shoulder blades

keyboard and mouse players do the same thing crunch there bodys up in a forward position and strain there arm shoulders to operate the mouse

wii players tend to sit or chill back into a sofa etc and more wiimote at the wrist and rest the nunchuck on there lap or chest VERY CHILLED whilst maintaining amassing controls....

but dont tell hardlycores the truth they wont admit to it