Monday, June 07, 2010

New Nintendo promo video

I haven't seen Nintendo do a video like this for one of it's systems since the Gamecube. It seems that Nintendo is trying to focus their attention back to the gamer and less on the non-gamer.


Biohazard said...

Nintendo has been focusing on casual gamers enough for the past four years since the Wii hit retails. With Nintendo's profits falling, and competitors encroaching on its territory with their own motion sensing controllers, it may be a good time to relapse. Lets hope this years E3 will reflect that.

Metaldave said...

I think you're right. Just when Microsoft and Sony are starting to alienate their own fanbase Nintendo comes back and says: "Remember Zelda?"

Biohazard said...

But then again, it looks like Microsoft and Sony won't be focusing much on their motion controllers. Microsoft's Natal looks like it will only appeal to the casual base from the previews I've read, and Sony is treating Move like a peripheral (i.e. Eye-Toy). Come to think of it, both of them are treating their motion sensing controllers as peripherals. I doubt they will abandon traditional controls, at least for this generation. Who wants to play Call of Duty with Natal anyway? It sounds like a great idea, but imagine yourself pretending to hold a gun for 2-3 hours, it may feel exhausting than engaging. At least with the Wii-mote and PlayStation's Move, you have something to hold.

Nintendo took a huge risk by making the Wii-mote the core controller. Earlier games used to give Wii owners the option to switch between that or the classic controller, but developers have been, more or less, confident developing specifically for motion sensing.

Anonymous said...

nintendos porofits WHAT dont make things up theres bound to be dips wen you make the biggest porofits by far in the industry what on gods earth are you talking about its nintendo making all types of games they never ever WENT CASUAL that is industry BS , zelda mario galaxy metroid prime 3 all 2006 games so how was wii casual

any way looking forward to the POWER Wii/3DS hybrid console this e3 wink wink