Friday, June 04, 2010

Xenoblade - Abyss trailer

This game looks a bit less impressive graphically than The Last Story but the game itself might be very good. A lot of effort seems to be going into to this.


Biohazard said...

Not surprising given this a JRPG. They tend to have a lot of angst and soap opera melodrama.

Anonymous said...

off subject 3DS romored to be ps3 x360 power could be bull but lets not forget FUSION GPU CPU ON A CHIP WITH HD AND SHADERS THE LOT AIMED AT HANDHELDS TO DESKTOP DEVICES

if any truth it could be a hybred console/handheld or a high powered handheld and a higher spec fusion for wii2 in the near future like 2012

but i have a feeling in my weee the dream that is a hybred console is closer than we think tech wise this is doable

Anonymous said...

i have red steel 2 dude its a bit shit forced controls silly level design to much shoot the barrel and shit gameplay its a bit cack