Thursday, June 03, 2010

The Last Story - new scans

(Click for larger image)

This game looks fantastic, this all I can say about it really. The game is going to have a lot of attention to detail from what I can see.


Travis Hendricks said...

This game looks really good. I just wish it weren't an RPG. Ha ha ha.

Metaldave said...

So you're telling me you didn't like Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy VI and Secret of Mana? The Final Fantasy creator is developing this game. He left the Final Fantasy team because it was getting too old hat for him.

Travis Hendricks said...

This will probably break your heart Metal but I have never played more than about 45 minutes of any of those games. The furthest Final Fantasy I ever got through was VII and that was about 2 hours. Then I lost interest.

I'm just not an RPG guy. Baten Kaitos is the only RPG I've ever beaten, and that took me over a 2 year span.

Metaldave said...

I forgive you.....but how about Chrono Trigger? That game is only about 25-30 hours long and has really good pacing throughout. If you have a DS I highly recommend it.

Anonymous said...

i detest the existence of final fantasy utter garbage

i press a button and gay slap a enemy then it gay slaps me back then i conbine another attack and gay slap him again then the enemy gay slaps me TURN BASED RPGS ARE THE MOST BORRING AND LAME VIDEO GAME CONCEPT I EVER DID SEE,bore fest and gay as hell

thats why you get real time battles on the nintendo exclusive rpgs most nintendo fans want gameplay not a bore fest that senbds you to sleep my misses got into DS heavy then she got final fantasy and said what the hell is this crap

she played the narnia game loved it got the follow on game it had ben changed from action to turn based she flipped she hated it

weird geeky people play that shit

Anonymous said...

yes but this is Real Time battles u can see from screenshots and it looks fantastic

Biohazard said...

Some people have very little patience for JRPG's or any other turn-based RPG's, no matter how good they are. Even though gameplay footage has yet to be released, the creator did say it is real-time.