Monday, May 24, 2010

Super Mario Galaxy 2 - IGN video review

Now that I have the game myself, I can honestly agree that this is the best game on Wii so far. It bests the original in every aspect and it's just tons of fun! A must have.


Travis Hendricks said...

10 stars in and I can say I think I read too much hype about this game being perfect. I haven't been blown away yet.

With that said, I'm only 10 stars in and the "perfect game" hype is still fresh on my mind. I think I need to let that dwindle a while before I can start loving it for what it really is again.

Metaldave said...

Well my friend, no game is perfect right? This game is just too good and I think once you finish World 2 you start to come around. Don't think about the reviews and just enjoy it! :)

Anonymous said...

your seriously judging only 10 stars in oh-please your nowere near the heavenly fruits