Friday, May 21, 2010

Super Mario Galaxy 2 - video review

Looks like this is one of those games that's going to go down in the video game records as one of the best ever made. I haven't played it yet but from all these reviews I'm seeing popping up today, I can see the reason.


Biohazard said...

I jumped out of my seat when I saw IGN gave this a masterful 10. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure this game is awesome, but not perfect. Maybe the "10" doesn't necessarily mean "perfect," but I have played games where I thought it didn't really deserve anywhere near that score (*cough* Grand Theft Auto IV *cough*)

Anonymous said...

everyones at it with the 10s its looking a genuine upgrade to galaxy i havnt got 2d mario yet its looking like ill be getting this first and 2d mario can wait even longer galaxy 2 and other M are my must haves

gametrailer kiddy cough core comunity are up in arms at this score as gametrailer never give 10s its basically being called a all time great my gametrailer and the ps3 x360 fans are going nuts trying to call allan wake a better game HARDLY CORES SHUT THE F -UP

Anonymous said...

galaxy 2 for a game that runs at 60fps with out a hiccup 1 bit the most solid 60fps game with amazing animation ect shows the brute power of wii and devs will have to take note because most reviews say that the even bothered to make it look better graphically with more detailed characters and backdrops ect 3rd partys need to understand the wii is powerful and its gpu does everything the 360 does no need for downscaled versions of crap games like james bond ect this shows that devs will have to improve greatly on production values for wii games or they have them selfs to blame because this is simply stunning and at 60fps i havnt seen another platformer as nice as this on anything pc/360/ps3/ nothing